Establishment of the Tourist Case Section in justice court

           The Ministry of Tourism and Sports jointly with the Secretary General Office of the Judiciary, Office of Attorney General and Royal Thai Police establish the Tourist Case Section in the justice court in order to provide justice for the tourist who have the limited time of traveling and staying in Thailand, as well as to provide all facilities to the concerned tourists, so that the tourists are treated fairly, continuously and quickly. It enhances the confidence of welfare and safety for the tourists,As result, the foreign tourists are confident and more tourists come to Thailand in the future, Presently, the Court of Justice assigned the Tourist Case Sections in 4 courts i.e. Pattaya Provincial Court, Phuket Provincial Court, Phathum Wan District Court and Dusit District Court, Bangkok. if you are involved with the case and need the assistance, you could contact the Bureau of Prevention and Assistance in Tourist Fraud, Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Assistance for the foreign tourists, who travel into Thailand


           To provide assistance to the foreign tourist who are traveling in Thailand in case of any loss or damage happened from the crime, political gathering or other risks as not being caused from the negligent, intentional or illegalacts of the tourists.

Criteria of consideration and assistance

           Assist the tourists in case of suffering from the natural disaster, terrorism or riot, sexual harassment, accident and trouble.

Practices to prevent the fraud upon traveling in Thailand

1. Do not belicve in the data from the strangers who tries to be the acquaintance or who claims to be the govement officer to persuade to buy jewelry, products or other services because you may by the victim of the fraud.

2. Search for the informations of the tourist attractions at all times before traveling i.e. opening - closing data and time, fee etc.

3. Do not leave the original passport as the security for the vehicle lease.

4. Beware of the stealing while traveling on the public vehicles.

5. If you encounter the political gathering, you should avoid it.

Channel of contact to obtain help

Contact the Bureau of Prevention and Assistance in Tourist Fraud.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports

Telephone : 02 356 0650 (Monday-Friday 8.30-17.30 hrs.)

E-mail : [email protected]