Mai Khao Beach

        Follow Thepkasatri Road along the way to Phuket International Airport. Take a left turn and drive along the road about 3.5 kms. to visit Maikhao Beach. This is the beach where we can find cicada insects or Jakkajan. There was a large number of sea turtles laying eggs on the beach, but we can find only a few now. This beach is suitable for swimming, However, it is not suitable to swim in the monsoon season due to very strong current and steep beaches.
Travelling to Mai Khao Beach
        From Phuket town, drive along Thepkasatri Rd. and turn left at the junction to the Phuket International Airport. Drive pass Mai Khao Temple to the beach. You can reach this beach via many small roads on Thepkasatri Rd.