Historical and Cultural Attractions

Bang Rong Community
        It is a small Muslim community located in the historical area of Phuket. The community is surrounded by mangrove forests. The scenery is beautiful and natural; the people still retain their living in the traditional way by fishing and agriculture.
        The local people have organized an activity for tourists called ecotourism in Bang Rong to visit agricultural occupations on the hills and along the sea shore The tour will take tourists to look around the community and participate in the people's way of life-boat riding along the Bang Rong canal to see mangrove forests and monkeys, growing mangrove trees, fishing, kayaking, and bicycling. Moreover, tourists can visit historical places, goat farms, and pineapple gardens.
Travelling to Bang Rong Community
        Bang Rong Community is about 22 kms from town. From Phuket town, travel to the Heroines Monument. Take the road to Pa Clock and drive about 10 kms and turn right at the Ecotourism Center of Bang Rong.